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26 Alphabetical Narnia Icons

I have completed an Alphabetical Challenge. The idea is to make 26 icons, one representing each letter of the alphabet. I made them Narnian icons.


C is for Cair Paravel:

M is for Magic:

Z is for Zoom Zoom:

Once a King or Queen in Narnia, always a King or QueenCollapse )

Icontest Comms

Interested in Dracula or Vampires? Then you should definitely go check out my new abc_narnia affiliates: dracula_awards and vampire_lims. They are very cool and would definitely welcome all newcomers.


New Challenge Community

I've just started a new Narnia challenge community. It's called abc_narnia. Every week the challenge will be a letter of the alphabet, going in order starting from A. The first challenge has been posted and icons are due Saturday, June 21st 11PM EST. So join up and bring your friends!

LIMS Round One - Sign Ups

Over at mystery_stills, we've started sign ups for our very first LIMS contest ever! Sign ups go until May 31st, so you have plenty of time.

Sign Up Here

Disney100: Couples Banner

I completed my set and jovi_diva made me this beautiful banner!

45 T-shirt Icons

Here are 45 icons made from t-shirts over at Snorg Tees.


With a shirt like this, who needs pants?Collapse )


Hey all. Good news! I have been nominated in three categories this month at wd_awards. It's so exciting and flattering. I'm nominated in Bare Necessities (the textless category), Topsy Turvy (cropping), and So This Is Love (icons featuring couples). Two of them were from my 100 Disney Couples icon set and one nomination was from winning second place at disney_hush. I encourage everyone to go and vote in every category. There are a lot of terrific icons this month.

Disney100: Couples

Fourth and last batch for my Disney Couples 100 icons set.

Completed: 100/100
New: Good, Hero, Hope, Loyalty, Flight, Believe, Never Ending, Princess, Sidekick, Celebration, Animal, Naked, Happy, Mystery, Prize, Home, Smile, Heartache, Waiting, Mouth, Warm, Sour, Suspense, Summer, Star
Last Update: 18 04 2008


( So this is love )

Apr. 27th, 2008

grande_disney has started sign ups for LIMS round three. Anyone interested should go check it out. They're running it very interestingly, with everyone picking the movie they will icon during the round. This should be very cool and varied. Sign ups run until May 9th.

Click on the picture to sign up!


Disney100: Couples

Third batch. Almost done the whole set.

Completed: 75/100
New: Magic, Evil, Royalty, Love, Friendship, Memories, Carefree, Sweetness, Compassion, Trust, Apathy, Loneliness, Demon, Longing, Hot, Red, Broken, Envy, Rebirth, Villain, Inflexible, Lies, Connected, Dirty, Green
Last Update: 12 04 2008


( So this is love )